Mustafa Yıldırım Laser Metal and Machinery Industry TRD.LTD.Co. started to work metal cutting and bending machines in KONYA Karatay industrial estate. In this context, it is the second company in Konya Industry in terms of cutting, bending and material processing.


Our company, which has become the last corporate identity in 2004 and has a total metal working capacity of 300 tons with a technical and administrative staff of 17 persons in a closed area with a total area of 2500m² in Büsan Private Organized Industry, has a thickness of 0 to 14 meters steel and aluminum cutting and bending machine with the ability to do the machine park serves the leading industrial organizations.


Our company invested on a laser cutting machine with fiber technique for the first time in Konya in 2012,thus the company increased its service diversity.


In 2013, it continued its investments and incorporated 4 heads of oxygen cutting and water jet. 


For the first time in the field of sheet metal processing units in Konya, Cnc Punch Steel processing workbench, has brought the time and work force loss to the companies that we supply to the suppliers to the minimum level and brought it to the point of assembly only.


We offer high cutting accuracy services on black sheets, special alloy sheets, chrome nickel sheets and aluminum sheets with 3000X8000 Plasma cutting workbench with CNC control unit.